MB-4292 - USA (Illinois) - Ambulance Billing Services - Deadline July 31,2020

Product (RFP/RFQ/RFI/Solicitation/Tender/Bid Etc.) ID: MB-4292

Government Authority located in Illinois; USA based organization looking for expert vendor for ambulance billing services.

[A] Budget: Looking for Proposal

[B] Scope of Service:

(1) Vendor needs to provide ambulance billing services.
- Provide a full‐time program manager for the duration of the contract.
- Please provide the span of control the individual assigned would have within the company, identifying the number of clients the individual would manage.
- Ensure all required documentation and agreements with payers are properly filed and maintained on behalf of the village.
- Obtain pre‐approval from the village of all forms used in the execution of the services.
- Provide samples of all paperwork to be used including, but not limited to forms, invoices and correspondences utilized in the billing process.
- Upon receipt of the ambulance report data, review, prepare and mail invoices according to the rates established by the village to the patient within 3 business days. This mailing shall include all necessary forms for payment processing, along with a return envelope.
- Ability to bill for selected fire and rescue services as specified by the village.
- Upon receipt of patient claim information, if required, electronically submit Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance claims within 3 business days. Manual submission of claims is acceptable only if electronic submission is not available.
- Utilize current diagnostic coding to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.
- Resubmit or resolve denied or disallowed claims.
- Accept responsibility for patient billing inquires and complaints during regular business hours.
- Provide the tracking of submitted claims to ensure timely payments.
- Provide monthly statements to allow patients to be aware of outstanding balances.
- Will work cooperatively with any vendor retained by the Village performing ground emergency medical transport fund recovery or billing (GEMT).
- Maintain generally accepted accounting procedures and practices for the reconciling of all financial transactions.
- Facilitate the daily posting of revenues and provide daily document retrieval through a lock‐box arrangement with the village's banking institution. Deposit all funds collected directly into the village's account on a daily basis, followed by invoicing the village for the amount applicant claims it is owed by the village for the fixed fee for its services.
- Provide prompt, accurate monthly reporting which shall include, but not limited to:
a. Gross charges billed for the month minus contractual allowances, write‐offs (abatement, dismissals, bankruptcies, and settlements), refunds, payments and indigence cost of care rolling up to the net ending accounts receivable balance due. Include on this report the number of trips per month, number of patients per month, gross charges per trip, cash collected per trip and net collection percentage per trip. This report to be submitted by the 10th day of each subsequent month.
b. Charge and Credit report showing Contractual Allowances
c. Aging reports
d. Trips by Incident Number
e. Payment Report of Accounts
f. Prepare a financial summary showing "period to date" and "year to date" totals for charges, receipts, adjustments, net accounts receivable, total accounts, receivable and collection percentage, and aging reports.
g. A detailed report showing each activity that has taken place during the day that includes receipts, charges, adjustments and total accounts receivable. This report should note any exceptions to standard chargeable amounts.
- Prepare a report showing all transactions that affect the General Ledger. This report shall be available in either detail or summary form.
- Pursue non‐payment by all resident and non‐resident ambulance users with village approved collection agency.
- Forward monthly reports, including account status, to a collection agency.
- Utilize billing and data systems compatible with, or which complements ESO, the village fire department’s patient collection software.  
- Be capable of electronic integration by exporting electronic patient care report (ePCR) data from ESO and firehouse software platforms.  
- Ensure that all data collection, reporting, and billing methods comply with all current state and federal regulations.
- Provide pre‐claim submission error trapping process to reduce denials.
- The vendor shall make on‐line bill paying and credit card payments available to clients. Any fee associated with on‐line bill payments shall be negotiated and approved prior to the implementation of this contract. Any associated transaction fees of any particular credit card company shall be the sole responsibility of the card user. The village shall not be responsible for any fees associated with on‐line payments or credit card usage of any client.
- Ability to research and obtain missing i

[C] Eligibility:

- Onshore (USA Organization Only);

[D] Work Performance:

Performance of the work will be Offsite. Vendor needs to carry work in their office location.

Expiry Date : Friday, 31 July, 2020

Question Answer Deadline : Monday, 20 July, 2020

Category : Medical Billing and Coding

Country : USA

State : Illinois

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